A Decade Strong of Luxury Fashion

A very important source of fashion industry information is the popular e-zine, Luxury Fashion. This fashion and lifestyle e-zine was founded in 1999 by Erin Ralph, who is now known to be one of the fashion industry’s newest and most influential “It Girls”. Erin has developed an e-zine that even the professionals read to get information, the latest happenings, and ideas about the newest trends in beauty and fashion.

For almost a decade, its readers have been promoting e-zine by word of mouth and it now has more than 750,000 readers. Luxury Fashion can be read online and is a great source of information on anything to do with the fashion industry.

Anyone who is interested in the fashion industry and staying up to the latest minute on the happenings of style probably has heard of Luxury Fashion. Luxury Fashion is an e-zine that was founded in 1999 and has been providing style files and fashionistas with the latest news in the fashion industry and lifestyle choices.

This e-zine is truly an avant-garde alternative to every other fashion e-zine, website, or even mainstream fashion magazines. Luxury Fashion is informative, sharp, and straightforward enough that it has stuck around for almost a decade.

Luxury Fashion is headed up by Erin Ralph, who is behind the e-zine and its fashion-forward information. The e-zine is read worldwide and even the fashion big shots take a gander at it every now and then.

Luxury Fashion is an up to the very latest minute source of what the latest news in the fashion world is and what the hottest trends are. The e-zine focuses not only on clothes and beauty but anything even slightly related to fashion including lifestyles, art, entertainment, and popular culture.

Erin Ralph finds it critical for her readers to not only be entertained by the content of Luxury Fashion but also to be informed. The e-zine’s readers and followers have dubbed themselves as “Luxury” and remain faithful and loyal to Ralph and her cutting edge e-zine.

In fact, once you become a Luxer, it is said that you remain a Luxer for the rest of your fashionable life! Luxury also is responsible for the success of the e-zine in that they continue to bring new readers to the table. The e-zine has also sparked quite a fashion community among its readers.

It is important to remember that Luxury Fashion is not only for the amateur fashion industry gurus but for the real-live professionals as well. It is frequented by designers, editors, and TV producers who seek to get the latest information just like you and me. In fact, Luxury Fashion is the source of ideas of who such editors and television programs should profile in their columns, articles, and shows. These professionals check the e-zine daily for updates.

The Luxury Fashion worldwide buzz is absolutely amazing. What started out as a small e-zine almost a decade ago now has almost 800,000 readers each month and counting! What makes this growth so interesting is the fact that the e-zine does very little marketing and self-promoting. Most of its popularity can be attributed to the dedicated Luxers and their word of mouth strategies.

As Luxury Fashion’s CEO and founder, Erin Ralph has come to be known as one of the fashion industry’s most important up and coming “It Girls”. Her opinion is held dear by many other editors, models, designers, and fashion industry professionals.

If you have not read an issue of Luxury Fashion, don’t hesitate – log on to the website today and check it out. There is much to be learned about the fashion industry and it all can be learned when you read Luxury Fashion.

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