The Save Money on Your Next Home Improvement

There is an interesting dynamic to the home improvement industry. When the economy is great, people are moving into new homes, or at least homes that are new to them, and often there will be projects to do to that new house.

When the economy is not doing well, home purchases decline and people stay in their existing homes. However, millions of those people will initiate a remodeling project in their existing home because it makes them happy, or more comfortable.

What a great position in which the “Home Improvement Industry” finds itself. When things are great, they can do very well. And, when things are not so great, they can still do very well. The point is, every year millions of people tackle a major remodeling project.

The bad news is most people will pay a whole lot more than necessary for their home improvement project!

The biggest reason why people consistently pay more for their project then they need to is lack of preparation. Often, homeowners have only a vague idea of what they want, with few specifics.

Even more often, homeowners have not prepared a budget for the project and, if financing is involved, may have little or no idea what kind of monthly investment or payment they can afford.

Those two items alone can be very costly if a homeowner is ill-prepared. The sales rep wants you to get a great job and hope that you’re very happy with the end result but mostly wants a great commission check.

It’s important that a good sales representative be prepared to make recommendations in product, design, and financing. But the sales representative, despite what he or she may say, is not there to save you money. He is there to make money!

Here is the biggest single reason why homeowners pay more than they should for the most improvement project, Failure to Understand the Selling Process.

   The “Selling Process” is a multi-step presentation designed to:

  • evaluate your needs and your ability to pay
  • teach you a little about the company
  • eliminate the competition
  • create an emotional environment… people buy on emotions
  • build value in the company’s products and installation
  • create a series of positive responses all through the presentation
  • set the stage for the presentation of the price
  • create urgency in making a decision
  • offer a discount to buy now
  • write the agreement or contract

The home improvement sales representative coming to your home to talk to you about a project has spent hours and hours preparing to talk to customers about their project. Actually, preparing to write your order! A brand-new sales representative, just starting out in the field, has already spent hours and hours with a trainer or a sales manager learning the “Selling Process”.

That new sales rep has ridden along on sales calls with an experienced, successful sales rep or with a Sales Manager. He or she has learned the sales presentation step by step, maybe even memorized it word for word.

They have practiced overcoming the most common buying objections over and over. A successful sales representative may have years of experience to draw on both in presentation and in closing skills.

So here is the question. Knowing that the sales representative is extremely well prepared to deal with you using this mysterious “Selling Process”, what have you done to prepare yourself for dealing with the sales representative?

The “Selling Process” is designed to make you pay more, not less! If you take just a little time to understand the “Selling Process”, you will find ways to substantially reduce the cost of your project, without sacrificing quality or features, and without doing any of the work yourself.

Here’s the beef…remember this…When the sales representative gives you his retail price and then offers a “first call” discount, that’s the price he or she really hopes you will pay. But that is not the lowest price at which the job can be bought. By understanding the “Selling Process”, you can use this process to your advantage and get the same job for less!

Save Hundreds Even Thousands Of  Dollars On Your Next Home Improvement Project!” is an 84 page, easy to read the downloadable book. In it, I talk about each step of the “Selling Process”.

I discuss what each step is designed to accomplish and how you can turn those steps to your advantage to negotiate a lower price on your project. I teach you not to save just a few dollars, but as the title says, how to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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