Find a Solution for Your Customers in Business

I, like many, judge a business on its ability to do this. It is vital in keeping customers in business. There is nothing better than a customer saying I had an issue with a particular business but they resolved the issue fast and fairly.  Chances of losing them as a customer very slim.

I wanted to share some lessons I learned from my internet provider when things went wrong. Some of them will be very familiar to you. My internet connection started playing up last Saturday. On Sunday it was dead. I called my internet provider who likes most has an overseas call center dealing with issues.

I have no problem with this in principle as the call center staff was all very polite but I struggled to understand the two people I talked with. Unfortunately, I had to ask them could they speak a little slower as their English language was a bit tricky to understand but we got there in the end. They talked me through all the different things I needed to try at my end first. Nothing would work.

The lady said, “I can get someone out to you tomorrow between 1-6 pm”. I said, “My availability was any time from 9 am till 4.30 pm.” “No,” she said, “Our time slots are 8-1 and 1-6. That’s it. I cannot help you other than that,” she replied, “I wish I could but its company policy.”

“Our biggest complaint is the time slots,” she admitted. She would not accommodate me at any other time. I had no choice but to settle for the following day sometime between 8 am-1 pm. When you run a business this is somewhat of a nuisance.

The next morning about 10:30 am the engineer arrives and sorts out the problem within a few hours. Great! I had a chat with the engineer. He said, “The biggest issues we have all the time are the understanding of the call centers and the time slots.” I said to him, “You used to have to do 6-7 jobs in a day.” “Yes,” he replied, “but now we only have to do 3-4 maxes.”

It is crazy to think this internet provider does not listen to its customers. Find a solution to the call center and time slot issues. This could easily be brought down to within 3 hours. After all, the engineers are actually doing less work rather than more. Why not think about the customer more and be best in your class or you will have no customers!

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