The Top 7 iPhone Apps for Small Businesses

Having had an iPhone for a while now I thought it was about time that I tried to summarise the best small business apps on the iPhone. I meet a lot of small business owners and it’s really amazing to see so many of them adopting smartphones of one type or the other. The apps I’ve listed below can actually really help you become more productive in your business and these are apps I use every day. So enough of me yabbering on here’s my list:-


Probably my favorite app on the iPhone would be Dropbox. It’s perfect to be able to email yourself or someone else a link to a file you have saved in your central dropbox. No matter if you’re on your desktop or your iPhone it’s all easily accessible and the interface is very intuitive.


Most of the websites I run or own are typically built in WordPress. It’s a brilliant content management system that can be extended and skinned very easily. Whilst the iPhone app isn’t ideal for composing posts, where it comes into its own is the ability to quickly delete or approve comments or just make small changes to titles etc. If you run a blog or website on WordPress this is a must app!

Twitter for iPhone

There is a myriad of Twitter apps for the iPhone but I actually prefer the one that’s made by Twitter themselves! For just quickly checking in and maybe retweeting a few posts or dropping in a quick update I don’t think you can beat it.


The LinkedIn app is another must on my list. It’s not anywhere near as comprehensive as the website but again is brilliant for just firing off a short update or approving requests to connect etc.


I write lots of notes as I tend to have ideas flying about all the time! Evernote is brilliant at syncing these over many platforms including the desktop and the iPhone. I now have all my ideas in one place and can refer to them whenever I want.


This is a paid app but one I couldn’t live without. I’m well aware that Google does offer sync for free but I’ve never really found it to be that stable and this is where Calengoo comes in. It enables you to sync your Calengoo calendar on your iPhone with your Google calendar (the assumption here being that you have a google account!). This basically means that I can have others put appointments etc in my diary and it will always be up to date.

Forum Runner

OK, this probably won’t suit everyone but as we have a forum as part of our network then Forum Runner becomes massively helpful. It basically allows us to moderate a fair bit of our vBulletin run forums directly on the iPhone.

Ok – that’s our top 7 but I’m sure there are many more we have either missed or are not even aware of. If you have used an app that you think should be on this list then why not drop the info in the comments below

We’re also hoping to do similar posts for Android, Blackberry and hopefully the iPad so if you fancy writing a review of the best apps for these systems then please get in touch.

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