The Baltic Sea Vacation With All Your Senses on Travel

As a German, you don’t have to go abroad for a relaxing day at the seaside. With an area of ​​413,000 km2, the Baltic Sea offers everything you need to switch off for a day. Due to the diverse nature and many Baltic Sea resorts, a varied range of leisure activities is provided.

Baltic Sea resorts such as Bolton Hagen and Rurik are particularly suitable for families. Singles or couples, for example, can experience an unforgettable holiday in Kelleher seen, Kunlun’s born and Warne mined.

The numerous Baltic spas, such as Gluck burg or Timken doffer Strand, should not be forgotten. Many chronically ill people have been able to forget their impairments and the stress that affects their illness. The fact that the islands of the Baltic Sea not only belong to Germany but also to Denmark, Finland or Estonia means that day trips to foreign countries and interesting cultures are almost ideal.

You can go on vacation, for example, in the Baltic Sea resort of Bolton Hagen, which is considered one of the most beautiful sections of the Baltic Sea coast. At the same time, Bolton Hagen is the third oldest Baltic Sea resort in Germany.

As a traditional holiday resort, which lies in the midst of unspool countryside, holidaymakers can enjoy a healthy climate and clean beaches. Numerous cafes and the beautiful town center invite you to stroll and linger. There are also regular events here, such as the Christmas market.

The dream island of the Baltic Sea is Fuhrman. As the sunniest region in Germany, it offers tourists beautiful sandy beaches and is therefore perfect for a relaxing holiday. Discovery tours on foot or by bike give you the opportunity to experience the 185 km2 paradise from its most beautiful side.

The Osteen Helipad Gluck burg is also ideal for holiday guests and day trips. You can live on miles of sandy beaches or in the middle of shady beech forests. Because Gluck burg is right near the border with Denmark, you can easily and practically immerse yourself in a foreign culture for a day.

Water sports of all kinds are particularly popular in the Baltic Sea. The well-equipped marinas and rest areas for water rats make your vacation a real experience. Discover a charming underwater world as well as interesting diving spots. Even if you have no experience in diving, you will certainly not be able to escape this attraction.

Many diving centers are available to beginners with advice and action. Fishing, kite surfing, sailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and jet skiing are also sports that are particularly fun on the Baltic Sea. Of course, you can also simply enjoy the wonderfully bright sun and the beautiful sandy beaches, for example on the Baltic islands of Rugen and Usedom.

You will find that every island, every Baltic Sea resort and every Baltic Sea spa has something very special to offer. In addition to enjoying the beautiful and natural and unique landscape, there are regular events to discover culinary highlights and to examine historical architecture. Sights, attractions, and tourist highlights go without saying.

In addition to changing and permanent exhibitions (Phaenomena, Ostholstein Museum and the Museum of Underwater Archeology) there are also monuments (various lighthouses, Bismarck Tower Bad Sch Warta, St. Stralsund Monastery and various churches), cinemas ( “House of Experiences” in Halleck, cinemas in Flensburg, Greifswald, Kiel, Lubbock, Stralsund, Wismar, and Herrings doff), theater events and museums (Detaches Meres museum Stralsund,

A holiday on the Baltic Sea always means a holiday with all your senses!

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