Cafe Katzenberger Mallorca Santa Ponsa is the Best Place for Travel

Daniela (Denise) Katzenberg was born on October 1st, in Ludwigshafen am Rheine. Opinions differ on the trained beautician. Some love it, others hate it. Daniela Katzenberg demonstrates her versatility in German reality shows, as an occasional model, as a singer or as a restaurateur.

The reality show is in her blood, because mother Katzenberg, Iris Klein, also appeared in the real season Big Brother, as well as sister Jenny, can be seen in various documentaries and programs with Daniela. Daniela Katzenberg is a family man and stands by it.

The hallmarks were initially her blonde, long hair, her cleavage, and her too high tattooed eyebrows. Daniela Katzenberg was able to convince very quickly as an all-rounder. At the 16th VIVA Content, she received second place in the “Best Starter” category.

Although Daniela Katzenberg optically uses the cliché of a “showcase girl”, there is much more behind Daniela. On the one hand, it stands by its weaknesses and announces it to anyone who wants to hear it or does not want to hear it, on the other hand, it is refreshingly human.

In addition, Daniela is absolutely strong-willed and doesn’t give up until she has achieved what she set out to do. You can laugh with Daniela Katzenberg, have fun with her and better accept your own weaknesses.

Daniela Katzenberg opened Café Katzenberg in Santa Ponca on Mallorca. Santa Ponca is located in the southwest of Mallorca. The island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca, is about 20 kilometers away.

In the documentary soap “Goodbye Germany, the Emigrants”, the broadcaster VOX presented how Katzenberg, with the support of a Leipzig restaurateur, renovated the Café Katzenberg, carefully furnished it and then opened it. Mostly German tourists come here to increase, observe, be seen and above all to see the “cat” in Café Katzenberg Plats.

You have to be lucky to really see Daniela because she travels a lot. The café itself runs at full capacity with 100 seats and captivates with charm and chic. At the weekend you need a little patience to get a place. You will also be rewarded with a fantastic view of the bay of Santa Ponca.

Take a seat in cream-colored armchairs; enjoy a late riser’s breakfast or the changing lunch snacks. Mallorca has one more highlight that is worth visiting. Even if Daniela Kazan Berger is not always on-site, a hint of “cat” is blowing around you.

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