The Best Winter Care Tips for Your Automotive

The cold weather is hard on your battery, so be sure to have yours tested.

Change your windshield wiper blades if it has been more than 6 months since your last chance.

Consider special snow tires to avoid slick slippage along snowy passages.

Have your front and rear brakes checked, as faulty brakes are a major cause of many winter accidents.

Even if you have no place to go for days at a time, be sure to start the engine and let it run a few minutes.

Do not let your gas levels dip below a quarter tank, as some gases containing additives may freeze.

Keep your tires inflated, since every 10-degree drop in temperature causes a pound of pressure to escape.


Don’t be caught in the cold this winter! Stock up on these essential Automotive winter vehicle care tips to keep your car in top working order and help you avoid any unforeseen circumstances!

Winter Car Care Essential Item Victor Lock De-Ice

We all remember that one particularly frigid morning where we had to pour boiling hot water on the lock to get our key in – causing us to be late to class or work! Available for just $1.99, the Victor Lock De-ice will not only thaw your lock in a jiffy but will lubricate the lock cylinder to prevent winter-time damage too! Best of all, you can use the de-ice on your front door lock, garage door, ski rack, and mailbox as well.

Winter Car Care Essential Item Hydrometer Anti-Freeze Tester

The Victor hydrometer anti-freeze tester helps you prevent winter freezing by testing the Ethylene Glycol in your car. This $5.99 product also tests for overheating in the summer.

Winter Car Care Essential Item Emergency Warning Triangle

You never know when icy, snowy weather may cause a sudden breakdown in conditions with poor visibility. No one will miss you along the side of the road with this bright orange, reflective emergency warning triangles. The weighted base allows people to zip by you at 45 mph, without tipping over. Protect yourself and other motorists with this inexpensive and easy-to-stow item.

These are just a few of the winter automotive care items to consider. We also have emergency roadside kits, quick heater repair kits, and fuzzy seat/steering wheel covers to prevent the cold leather from chilling you to the bone

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