The Types of Bell Steering Wheel Covers for Your Automotive

Steering wheel covers hit the mainstream market due to an increase in demand from racing fans. Initially, people wanted tough-cushioned leather covers that made their wheels easier to grip and protected their steering wheels from damage.

Over time, steering wheel covers were developed to keep motorists’ hands cool and free from sweat on hot days. Soon, a plethora of fashion covers was released to people who wanted to deck their vehicles out in a theme that suited their individual personalities. In fact, vivid fur steering wheel covers are some of the most popular products we sell!

Racing Steering Wheel Covers With Grips

If you’re into racing or just want better vehicle handling, then we recommend something like the Sport Mesh Steering Wheel Cover, the Bell Auto Classics Putty Grip Steering Wheel Cover, or the Bell Auto Classics Fast Line Steering Wheel Cover. The silicon rubber grips on these covers will make your wheel super comfortable to hold onto for long periods of time! You’ll never have to worry about the wheel slipping around in your hands again!

Stress Relief Steering Wheel Covers

Do you often find yourself in rush-hour traffic? It can be aggravating, especially if you work a high-stress job as it is! The Super Stress Grip Steering Wheel is the most popular choice of our employees. Even though working here is a joy, we love to squeeze the memory foam cushioning and run our fingers along with the soft microfiber while we drive. This cover for your car steering wheel comes in black, gray, and tan.

Fuzzy & Furry Steering Wheel Covers

Some people find that their car steering wheels become insanely hot in the sun. Our fuzzy and furry collection of covers will make your discomfort a problem of the past. We have many different styles to suit your taste — from leopard print to pink microfiber shag. We have purple steering wheel covers and green steering wheel covers. We even have cheetah print and ostrich-skin-like material! Many buyers like the luxe feel of the velour covers.

Unique Cover for Steering Wheels

Lastly, you’ll find that our site has dozens of unique designs to create a truly personalized steering cover, including:

Iron Crosses
Lady Bugs
Barbed Wire
Zebra Print
Leopard Print
Nautical Stars
Baja Blanket Stripes
Skin Industries Logo

Unique steering wheel covers make the perfect gift for a teenager who recently received his or her first car!

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