The Flooring Options to Every Room for Home Improvement

Many people get confused when it comes to selecting flooring options for every room. The best options must be economical, safe and healthy, Eco-friendly, scratch-free, moisture and water-resistant and durable.

The flooring option must offer design and style choices and should need little maintenance. The best flooring product must also require little glue, varnish, and other waterproofing products and chemicals during installation and repair or maintenance to be healthy.

So, which are the best flooring options for every room? I explain below:

What Is The Best Flooring Option for Living Room?

Wooden Flooring in Living Room

The living room of a home is one area where there are more foot movement and traffic. Guests and visitors are often welcomed in the living. Hence, the floor in the room must be tough, durable and stylish. The best flooring option for this room would be cork, linoleum, wood, and carpet.

All these flooring options are available in a wide range of varieties, styles, and budgets. They can add durability and beauty to the living room. However, I recommend not to install carpet flooring in the living room because it attracts too much dust.

What Is The Best Flooring Option for Kitchen?

Stone Flooring in Kitchen

The kitchen is one area that is too much exposure to moisture, water, oil, and foot movement. Hence, the best flooring option for the kitchen must be resistant to water and scratch and must require little maintenance.

The best flooring options for the kitchen are – Ceramic Tiles, Stone and Linoleum. All these flooring materials offer resistance to water, moisture, etc. They are also easy to clean and require little maintenance.

What Is The Best Flooring Option for Dining Room?

Wooden Flooring in Dining Room

The dining room is an area in the home where people gather and have a get-together and enjoy food. It must have flooring that is durable and stylish and must add to the décor of the room. The air quality in the room must be healthy. Hence the floor must be Eco-friendly and healthy.

Wooden floors are the best choice for this room. Wood adds natural beauty to the room. Engineered wooden flooring and laminated wooden floors are available in a wide range of styles and designs and are also healthy and durable.

What are The Best Flooring Options for Bedroom?

Wooden Flooring in Bedroom

The bedroom is one area where people sleep and relax and spend most hours of their life. Therefore, the flooring must be extremely healthy, durable and Eco-friendly. If the bedroom is for adults, install wooden flooring. Engineered wooden floorings are available in wide varieties and choices and are Eco-friendly, healthy and durable.

If the bedroom is for children, linoleum is the best choice. It offers resistance from scratch and is easy to clean. Remember, children can create a lot of mess in their room. Also, use products that are free from VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) for better air quality.

What is the Best Flooring Options for Bathroom?

Ceramic Tiles Flooring in Bathroom

All bathrooms are too much exposure to water and moisture. The same is the case with basements. Hence, flooring in these rooms must be moisture-resistant and durable. Ceramic tiles and stone are the best choices for the bathroom and basement.

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