Refresh Your Eyes Get Rid of Dry Skin With the Best Health

Don’t be surprised to learn that, as people grow older, the skin around their eyes begins to dry up.

Our skin’s natural oils and moisture are too plentiful in youth and tend to cause blemishes, things usually balance out for a while, and then people must turn to appropriate skincare products. This change in moisture isn’t unusual; in fact, these days this is a common practice.

No one should feel bad about noticing that they have dry skin. It helps to understand the aging process:

As we grow older, our bodies simply decrease the amount of oil produced to keep our skin balanced naturally between dry and oily. To solve this problem, people turn to store products that have similar oils in them to restore the oil that has been lost.

Sounds Easy?

This restoration process should be relatively easy, except for the fact that many products out there include ingredients that seem to promote moisturized skin at first, but then they do even more damage and more drying out when used over the long term. A consumer is only led to believe this product has worked.

For example, a lip balm made with petrolatum or paraffin wax, when first applied, seems to have done the job, but then these ingredients make the moisturizing effect short-lived. They dry the lips out to the point that the person has to reapply and reapply and reapply more because the product is feeding itself in this vicious cycle.

Mineral oil is another ingredient that fools your skin into thinking it’s retaining enough moisture. So your skin stops trying to produce its own natural oils, and then dry skin happens, and more of the product is applied, and so on.

You’d be better off without these kinds of products.? Those three ingredients—petrolatum, paraffin wax, and mineral oil—are extremely prevalent in many over the counter products because they are very cheap.

Instead, to avoid these ingredients, try a specialty store for better quality products, or examine the label of a prospective product closely. Some ingredients that cause the opposite effect, the moisturizing effect you desire, without confusing or drying out your skin, are as follows:

Grape seed oil

Babassu palm wax

Avocado oil

Olive oil

Macadamia oil

For anyone who has problems with dry skin and puffy bags under the eyes, a multipurpose product with certain peptide-based ingredients may be helpful. Try finding an anti-aging product that contains Eyeliss and/or Haloxyl.

Don’t expect dramatic results overnight, but keep up on using these products daily. Soon you’ll notice a steady improvement and see a radiant, youthful-looking face in the mirror.

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