Does Your Cat Should Need a Cat Tree

Cat-Tree with tunnel

How would you like to have a tree and a tunnel indoors for your cat?

Cats love to climb, the higher the better for some, even if it does mean calling the local fire station to get them down when they climb just too high. Cats love tunnels and things to climb inside, have you ever moved house and discovered that every time to place a box down that it is hijacked by your cat?

Cats also love to scratch and test their claws. They love to test their claws mostly on our furniture, how many cat-owning households do you know who have frayed couches or scratched up carpet?  Yes, cats can destroy a house and its soft furnishings with relative ease and they are so proud to show you just how good they are at it.

No matter how hard you try to shoo the cat from the couch it takes no time at all for her or him to find something else to sharpen those claws on.  What do you do?

Many owners turn to a scratching post, a carpet covered post with a base just solid enough to allow the cat to scratch against.  But the cat can get bored with this very simple but effective solution. So what do you really do when your cat has become bored with the scratching post and believes the furniture is best to use?

The answer lies in an upgrade of the simple scratching post, especially if you have more than one feline friend.

A cat tree with a tunnel is the ideal solution.  A carpet covered playground for your cat, a cat tree and tunnel becomes part of the furniture and serves as more than just a place for your cat to sharpen her claws and stretch those all-important paw and leg muscles.

The cat tree and tunnel is an adventure waiting to happen and cats, who seem to have an imagination wilder than a 7-year-old child will love this new addition to your home.

With their love of climbing the cat tree with the tunnel is the perfect height to climb and jump up to, placing the cat high up in the room to allow her to keep an eye on everyone and everything. Placed in the sun the cat tree with tunnel becomes a wonderful place to sleep and snooze in the warmth under a window.

The natural curiosity of the cat is exploited and a tunnel is a place where your cat thinks she cannot be seen and she will climb inside and feel safe.

All the while your cat can climb, jump, snooze and hide the carpet covering is perfect for stretching those claws. The carpet is tough and will take a long time to wear thin and this will take the strain off your furniture.

If you struggle with damaged furniture thanks to your cat and her claws, a cat tree and tunnel will be your perfect solution and it will also provide hours of entertainment for you and your cat.

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