Does Your Dog Need a Paws Aboard Blue & Yellow Life Jacket

Do you enjoy sailing, surfing or other water-based activities?

Do you want to take your dog with you but leave him out because you fear for his safety?

Nearly all dogs are natural-born swimmers but like humans, they can slip into the water unexpectedly and panic and tire from extended swimming. Water is as dangerous for dogs as it is for humans in many ways and for that reason paws aboard have made their range of life jackets and buoyancy aids.

Taking your dog for a swim in the river or on the beach is fine; splashing around in the swimming pool is also fine for a dog because it is safe. Shallow water with easy access and clear exit routes are great for dogs and there is little to worry about. The challenge comes when out on open water or deeper water.

Without a place to exit and having fallen into the water a dog can panic and it is therefore not uncommon for dogs to be lost at sea.  Having a life vest for your dog when out on open water, whether it is the ocean or a lake is a tremendously sensible idea.

A life vest will also give you the confidence that your dog will be safe when out on the water with you and you now have no reason to leave him behind.

Dogs want to be with their owners and if he sees you sailing away without him you can only imagine what he is thinking.  Now that worry can disappear with the paws aboard life jacket.

A well-made life jacket available in various sizes to fit dogs of all sizes this paws aboard Blue & Yellow Life Jacket is a lightweight and extremely buoyant pet accessory that any water-loving dog owner will appreciate.  Made in bright colors with fluorescent materials the paws aboard life jacket ensures your dog will be seen Cleary should he fall in the water?

Dogs don’t like remaining wet and the paws aboard life vest have been designed with an easy draining mesh underneath to allow the water on your dog to drip off with ease.

Your dog will learn to recognize the life vest as he does a leash before going for a walk.  The dog will instinctively know that the vest is for his safety and whilst at first he will not be so sure of the item he will soon come to associate it with fun and the water.

Keeping your dog safe is your priority and when sailing out on the water on any watercraft with your dog this is now made easier.  Great for sailing and surfing the paws aboard life jacket means your dog can enjoy the watersport you love with you. His wagging tail and barking for more will tell you just how happy he is.

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