Does Your Dog Need a Doggles Roll Up Travel Bed

Despite the dog’s liking to sleep on your couch or on your bed, in reality, a dog loves his own bed.  Just like his human owner knowing that he has his own place to sleep is important.

Many people love to travel with their dog and whilst a dog could sleep anywhere and quite likely will there is nothing better than having a place he knows is his. Having his own territory is vital and the Doglegs Roll-Up Travel Bed is the perfect solution for anyone traveling with their pooch.

In the past one had to make sure a blanket was taken and for some owners who insisted it meant taking a clumsy basket or dog bed on their journey.  All that has now gone thanks to the Doglegs Roll-up bed this comfortable and luxurious travel bed is made from microfiber on top and rugged nylon underneath and is densely stuffed to ensure comfort for your dog.

Comfort is an important factor to consider, especially for older dogs and The doglegs Roll-up Travel Bed is perfect to help make any journey comfortable and enjoyable for your dog.

The dense filling is soft and it cushions your dog from the bumps in the road as you drive along allowing him to relax and sleep until arriving at the end of the journey with his tail wagging.

Easily rolled up and with its own carry bag the Doglegs Travel Bed is easily stored in your car or at home and takes up minimal space.  The bed rolls up into a small bundle and is very lightweight.

A problem with blankets and other dog beds is that dogs are smelly animals, especially after a walk in the rain or a swim in the river or sea, and Blankets and other beds are not always washed as it is not always easy to do.  The Doglegs Roll-up Travel bed is fully machine washable and dries easily and this ensures that doggy pong does not linger longer than it needs to in your car.

The doglegs roll-up bed is tough and designed specifically for dogs.  It is stain-resistant and will always look good.  The bed is extremely comfortable and once you start to use this bed your dog will love you, every time the bed is brought out the dog will become excited and come to recognize the bed as part of a journey that leads to somewhere or something fun.

Once you own a doglegs roll-up travel bed you will begin to wonder how you did without it, your dog will always travel comfortably and you will feel good knowing he is safe, comfortable and relaxed on what could be a worrying journey for your dog. Your dog will know the bed is his and that alone will let him know you love him and he will love you all the more.

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