How to Build an Antivirus Firewall in Technology

If you have ever had a serious malware or virus infection on your Windows computer, you know the problems it can cause Compromised security, damage to your programs and files, unpredictable browser behavior, etc.

Probably one of your disappointments was that the antivirus or anti-malware software you were using did not protect your computer from the infection.

In this series of short notice, we will show you how to build an antivirus firewall that is designed to protect your computer from the Trojan virus, malware, adware, and spyware infections. The level of protection for your computer will be far higher than anything you have used before.

Once you complete all of the steps we show you in the articles, your computer will be fully immunized and protected from viruses and malware with a firewall that runs five levels deep. It will be almost impossible for a Trojan, virus or malware infection to take hold on your computer.

It doesn’t take much time to build a firewall, and the nice thing is, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to be a computer genius, either. The easy-to-use software we will tell you about will do it all for you.

Building the firewall consists of steps:

Using an effective antivirus program. When we say “effective” we mean a program that has tested from 98% to 99% effective at finding and eliminating known virus threats. Objective testing for antivirus software is done by websites like AV-Comparatives.

Combining the antivirus program with a good anti-malware program, like the ones that are recommended by Spyware Warrior Many of the anti-malware programs now come with an antivirus engine or database, which makes them extremely effective when combined with a primary antivirus program, and the best thing is, they are completely compatible. This means that when you combine the right programs you get virtually double the protection of a single software program.

Using an effective firewall, configured correctly. The Windows firewall is perfectly adequate, provided the settings are correct. (Don’t allow exceptions) A third-party firewall can also be used.

Building a bulletproof web browser. The one we recommend is Firefox, with ad-ones like Ad Block Plus, Web Of Trust (WOT), and perhaps a script blocker.

Last, but certainly not least, is the development of an effective hosts file in the Windows System 32 folder and the addition of a good restricted sites list and blocked ActiveX controls list to protect internet explorer. Once again, you won’t have to do much here, the software will do it all for you. The entire process is easy..

The place to begin is with the correct combination of antivirus and anti-malware software. It is important to combine the software carefully, as a bad combination can do more harm than good and possibly damage your system.

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