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Touch Screen V. Buttons- Mobile Phone Reviews

Choosing the latest phones can sometimes be a real nightmare; there are so many brands and so many people like different things. Just look at the new BlackBerry, the new model has come out with a touch screen but that is definitely a personal preference because still selling is their other models with buttons.

Feeling a bit lost from your blue tooth to your GPRS? Do you want to touch screen technology? Then here we look at some of the latest mobile phone reviews to help you choose the ideal mobile for you, from touch screen technology to simple buttons.

The first mobile phone review we came across was for the new Palm Pre, from Palm. The Palm Pre is quite similar to the I-Phone in that the screen dominates the phone. The small and light phone has a touch screen and unlike other touch phones, the Palm Pre offers the best of both worlds with a slide-out keyboard that curves out of the bottom of the phone.

Overall, there are many design features from this phone that have been overlooked in competitors. Since the first phones brought out by Palm, this model has learned from the previous model’s mistakes.

The next mobile phone review is for Nokia phones, there is always something quite reliable about Nokia phones, and I have always found them to be quite sturdy and well made. But with all these touch screen technologies will Nokia still be as strong?

Well, it would seem so; the appears to have come out as the new BlackBerry and is being described as the new communicator. One of its biggest criticisms is its small screen, but with another slide-out keyboard and many other benefits, this phone is promising.

The last phone that is worth looking online for various mobile phone reviews is the HTC Touch Diamond, which is a Windows-powered phone. The phone is overall smart, with many good features for those that like their gadgets.

If you are a Window’s fan and are due to an upgrade then this phone is probably going to work out well for you, although there is an issue with some of the speeds of software, other than that it’s a well-made phone. But unlike the other two models in the mobile phone reviews, this phone is entirely touch screen, which will always come down to personal preference.

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