The Spy Gear and Spy Equipment for Surveillance Use in Technology

Spy Gear and Spy Equipment for Surveillance

As electronic recording devices and other types of gadgets such as video cameras, audio recorders, and location trackers keep getting smaller, it has become much easier and cheaper to keep an eye on just about anyone you want. Today’s electronic surveillance equipment is more versatile, capable and less expensive than ever.

The most common uses for this equipment is to keep tabs on your company staff who might be goofing off too much or dipping their hand in the till, your spouse who may be cheating on you, or your children who could be getting into all kinds of trouble or finding themselves in dangerous situations.

Spy gadgets come in a wide range of types and sizes, and they are perfect for doing a little bit of unobtrusive checking up on people. Usually, the smaller and less conspicuous your surveillance equipment is, the less likely you are to be discovered and find yourself without any friends.

The usual way of keeping an eye on employees, for example, is to install small hidden video cameras in strategic spots here and there in your office or work area. Tiny cameras are available as either wired or wireless models. Wired models usually consist of a very small video camera – with or without audio – with connectors that can be plugged into a television monitor or digital recording device. The cameras themselves can be mounted at any place where the wires will not be seen.

Wireless video surveillance spy cameras are even more versatile. The camera itself can be hidden in a variety of different objects – for instance in a simulated pack of gum, a ballpoint pen, a man’s belt buckle, an aerosol spray can of bathroom cleaner or air freshener, the face of a clock, or a smoke detector, just to name a few. These systems usually come with a special camera, wireless transmitter and a small digital video recorder where video and audio can be stored for later viewing and analysis.

Spying on your spouse often requires a different strategy. For instance, you may want to install a telephone voice recorder. There are models that can be connected to any telephone line and record both sides of the conversation. Remote audio listening and recording devices can also be used to listen in on conversations taking place a few feet away or on the other side of the world.

And of course, there are numerous tracking devices available that can be mounted out of sight in cars, boats, trucks, or even in luggage or parcels. These are ideal for keeping track of where your kids are taking the family car, as a way to follow the progress of a parcel or to track valuable assets when they are lost or stolen. Both GSM and GPS devices are available, and you can even get a combination tracking and audio listening device that can easily be hidden in any vehicle.

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