The Best Muscle Building Tips for Your Health

When standing and walking pay particular attention to your posture. Stand tall, shoulders back and relaxed, head up – not only will you look slimmer, you will be giving your abs a workout.

A good postural position works your core muscles, of which your abs is an important part. It is amazing how much better you feel when you walk tall – you have more energy, you feel good and have a clearer mind.

Practice having a mental image of your back as an immovable object and your belly as a force constantly pushing against it this increases muscle strength and makes your abs look trim and firm.

Know your abs

Your abdominal muscles are an intricate group of muscles that connect to your spine, hips, and ribs. They lie in layers and run at different angles. This is the reason that, for effective abdominal training, you need a variety of different movements.

You need exercises for lower back flexibility and strength, to strengthen the oblique muscles that are on the side of the torso as well as the usual belly muscles exercises.

Dieting is bad for abs

It takes more energy for the body to maintain muscle than fat, and so when you lose weight when dieting, muscle is the first thing to go. The bodybuilding muscle mass to energy when it is running low on calories.

When you stop the diet, you gain more weight in fat because you now have less muscle to burn calories. So avoid “diets” and develop a healthy eating plan combined with fat-burning exercise, to gradually lower your weight to an acceptable level.

Train your muscle memory

Muscle memory is where the muscle “remembers” a particular activity and will continue to perform it without you consciously thinking about it. If you focus on keeping your abs contracted through the day (does this whenever you think of it to start with), they will have a tendency to maintain this tension without you concentrating on it. This means that your abs will strengthen but will also look taut and firm all the time.

Exercise before a meal

When you exercise before you eat, your metabolism is more active and this means the calories you eat get converted to energy quickly; also an active metabolism reduces hunger. You will also be thirsty after your workout, and drinking more water will help to relieve the hunger pangs. g more water will help to relieve hunger pangs.

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